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Confusing Country with Cross: Why Christian Nationalism Isn't Biblical Christianity

Many today advocate for a form of Christianity intertwined with nationalism, often claiming it represents true faith. But does this fusion align with the teachings of the Bible? Let's explore why Christian nationalism falls short of the core message of Christianity.

Citizenship Beyond Borders:

The Bible emphasizes a spiritual citizenship in God's kingdom, transcending earthly loyalties (Philippians 3:20). Jesus himself refused to be drawn into political squabbles, focusing instead on his spiritual mission (John 6:15).

Love Over Exclusion:

Christian nationalism often promotes in-group favoritism and exclusion of those deemed "outsiders." In contrast, the core message of Jesus is radical love and acceptance, extending even to enemies (Matthew 5:44).

Focus on Transformation, Not Power:

Jesus challenged the power structures of his time, advocating for humility and service. Christian nationalism, on the other hand, can be seen as an attempt to wield political power for religious ends.

Seeking Power vs. Following the Servant King:

Jesus established his leadership through service and sacrifice, not by seeking earthly power. Chasing political dominance contradicts this core principle.

Beware of Idolatry:

Elevating any nation, even a Christian one, to the level of something مقدس (mukaddas) [Arabic word for holy] can be seen as idolatry. Our ultimate devotion belongs to God alone.

True Witness vs. Political Affiliation:

Early Christians spread their faith not through political power, but through personal witness and acts of love. This remains the core mission of Christianity.

Following Jesus, Not Flags:

The Bible calls us to follow Jesus, not national flags. While loving our country is commendable, our primary allegiance is to God and his kingdom.

Remember the Early Church:

The early church thrived under various political regimes, remaining separate from the state while offering a powerful message of hope and transformation.

The Call to Love and Serve:

The true call of Christianity is to love God, love our neighbors, and serve those in need, regardless of nationality. This transcends nationalism and offers a more hopeful path forward.

Christianity offers a message of hope, love, and unity that transcends national borders. Let's focus on spreading that message, not blurring the lines between faith and political agendas.

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